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Alexandra Adams is a third generation instructor of Joseph H. Pilates. She has practiced Pilates for sixteen years, and has been a certified Pilates instructor for almost a decade. Upon graduation from The Madeira School in 1999, she went on to attend Goucher College. Alexandra graduated from Goucher College in 2003, with a Bachelor’s Degree with distinction in Dance Performance and Choreography. 

After dancing professionally throughout the Washington DC area and continuing to study Pilates, she completed a rigorous, comprehensive Pilates teacher training program at Excel Movement Studios. In 2008, after four years of teaching Pilates, Alexandra completed the Masters Program at The Pilates Center, in Boulder, Colorado. The Pilates Center is the first of its kind to offer a Masters Program to already accomplished teachers. At the time, Alexandra was one of ten instructors worldwide to complete the program. Since 2004, Alexandra has been teaching at the most respected Pilates studios throughout the Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington DC areas.

In 2010, Alexandra opened The Pilates Center at The Madeira School, a boutique Pilates studio on Madeira’s campus. Just mere months after opening, The Pilates Center at The Madeira School was voted Best Pilates Studio by Northern Virginia Magazine. After four years of teaching Pilates enthusiasts from the DC area, Alexandra has relocated and naturally renamed The Pilates Center at The Madeira School to Excel Pilates Northern Virginia! Affiliated with Excel Pilates DC and Excel Pilates Annapolis, Excel Pilates NoVA continues a fifteen year tradition of providing the highest quality of traditional Pilates training. 

Alexandra is a life long studier of the Pilates Method, a member of the Authentic Pilates Union and honored to be an alumna Pilates Ambassador to lululemon Tyson’s Corner.

​​Victoria Azor 


Victoria Azor ​​​has had a passion for fitness from a young age. Growing up in Sevastopol, Crimea, she enjoyed a variety of different recreational sports and fitness activities, including gymnastics, tennis, volleyball, and rock climbing.

She began practicing Pilates in 2012, while searching for relief from a recurring neck pain. After discovering classical Pilates in 2015, she realized the transformative power of the authentic method. Her neck pain went away, she felt stronger and had more energy; she experienced a deep mental calm, improved concentration, self-confidence, and lifted spirits. 

​Searching for a way to keep Pilates in her life forever and share her passion with others, Victoria became a Pilates instructor in June 2018. Under the guidance and mentoring of Alexandra Adams, she completed the Excel Pilates Teacher Training Program at over 750 hours of apprenticeship. Victoria is eager to share her passion for Pilates with her students. She regularly attends continuing education seminars to broaden her understanding of the Pilates Method and how it can be applied to a broad range of clients' needs. 

Empower Your Body  ~ Empower Your Mind ®

Alexandra Adams

Owner, Instructor

​Gail Kelsey Sommers grew up in Philadelphia, where she participated in many sports, including competitive equestrian show jumping and three-day eventing. She rode for Penn State University and was part of their National Championship Equestrian Team.

Gail moved to Los Angeles, where she obtained her doctorate in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Clinical Health Psychology, and discovered Pilates, while seeking a way to augment her workout routine and gain flexibility. She immediately recognized the method's benefits, particularly from a mind-body perspective. She then moved to Manhattan for her residency at the Brooklyn VAMC and continued studying Pilates with several elders and long time teachers, including Romana Kryzanowska and Alycea Ungaro. This experience drove her to get her certification through the Excel Pilates Teacher Training Program in 2018.

As a Clinical Psychologist practicing for nearly 20 years, Gail has a particular interest in using Pilates with elite athletes  for performance enhancement, building resilience, treating PTSD in veterans, improving body image, particularly in women and for overall psychological and physical health in all clients.