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Excel Pilates Northern Virginia offers one on one and small group Pilates instruction in the original Pilates Method of Body Conditioning. Excel Pilates Northern Virginia is also a host studio for the Excel Pilates Teacher Training Program.

When I’m asked about my time as an apprentice I immediately respond with, “It was the best year of my life.” It was the year my mind connected to my body through movement. It was the year I uncovered certain movement patterns that I’m able to work on daily for my body to be as healthy, supple and aligned as possible – and now, I get to share and teach that to my clients.

A. T.

One of the best years of my life was studying under Kerry DeVivo and Lesa McLaughlin in the Excel Pilates Teacher Training Program. Their extensive program completely immersed me in Pilates, something that I didn’t know I needed but would soon come to learn I couldn’t live without. As an introverted person, I did not realize how passionate I could be at teaching until I found something I believed so deeply in. As a ballet dancer, my peers and teachers physically saw differences in my body after training in Pilates and I owe it all to the Excel Pilates Teacher Training Program. Studying, observing, and training at Excel Pilates Annapolis breathed new life into me and I am so thankful for fortunately stumbling upon 2nd generation teachers that devote their time and work to staying true to Joesph Pilates’s original method

C. A.

Pilates is the only exercise program I’ve found that I wanted to do consistently twice a week for eight years. I never make excuses not to go. Even when I arrive tired, I am energized and feeling better after the session. Alexandra and her team are non-judgmental and always ready to assess how I’m feeling and work with me from there. With Team Excel’s knowledge and experience, they can modify the program to meet the needs of your body at every session.


Client since 2010

I began taking Pilates instruction from Alexandra over seven years ago. My initial hope was that Pilates would strengthen my back and core – which were weakened from back surgery. Thanks to her extensive training in Pilates and her mindful instruction, I have been able to safely strengthen my body, and have had no further back issues. Over the years, I have learned a lot more about Pilates and continue to be impressed by Alexandra’s knowledge and dedication to her clients.


Client since 2011

I have had other Pilates teachers. None compares to the team at Excel Pilates Northern Virginia! They have made me want to continually challenge myself in my Pilates practice. Pilates is life changing and it is the fountain of youth. I will do Pilates forever, but only at Excel Pilates NoVA!


Client since 2010

As a somewhat ancient (3rd time retired and overweight at the time), but physically active person, I came to Alexandra and Pilates on a personal recommendation and as part of my set plan to regain my health. The words, “life changing” have been attributed to both Alexandra and the discipline. With my own recently diagnosed, incredibly painful herniated disc experience and 6+ decades of bad posture, I had the desire, time and wherewithal to put my body back together and sit up straight. Weekly private sessions with Alexandra and regular home Pilates mat work over the years have indeed been a life saver and game changer for me. Yes, I still have aches and pains, but I know that I can usually manage them now with Alexandra’s assistance – very important to me as an aging, but physically active person. More importantly now that Alexandra is growing her business carefully and personally training a cadre of instructors, she has created an institution, a fully functioning Pilates studio that reflects her philosophy, style and values.


Client since 2013

My time at Excel Pilates Northern Virginia is a highlight of my week. Alexandra and her team are warm and welcoming, while challenging me to be stronger. I value Alexandra’s professionalism, expertise and classical style of Pilates, as well as her studio’s beautiful Gratz equipment.


Client since 2010

Excel Pilates Northern Virginia has done wonders for my health and fitness.


Client since 2013

My apprenticeship in the Excel Pilates Teacher Training Program at Excel Pilates NoVA was ideal. Studying under the tutelage of Alexandra Adams, one of the most qualified classical Pilates teachers in Washington DC area, I knew I was learning from the best. Although the Teacher Training Program was very demanding, I truly enjoyed it. The way the program was structured allowed me to complete it while having a full time job and other commitments. After graduating from the program I had a deep knowledge and understanding of the Pilates Method, and felt confident to teach a variety of clients with different body needs. In my opinion, the Excel Pilates Teacher Training Program at Excel Pilates NoVA is second to none!


The Excel Pilates Teacher Training Program is a classical program with roots tying directly back to Joseph Pilates, as most of the faculty are second generation instructors. The fully comprehensive program encourages interfacing with current students and both new and seasoned instructors, further leading to variety, growth and professional camaraderie. At Excel Pilates NOVA, Alexandra is a patient and flexible instructor who devotes her busy schedule to the training and development of enrolled apprentices.  She is also a great role model for anyone considering their own studio someday. Can’t recommend it enough.


I researched a plethora of teacher training programs before finally enrolling in the Excel Pilates Teacher Training Program at the NoVA studio. Knowing that I would be studying under Alexandra Adams sealed the deal. The education I received under Alexandra exceeded my expectations. Not only did I receive comprehensive tutelage in the methodology of classical Pilates, but Alexandra ensured that I was fluent in functional anatomy and the history of Pilates. Yes, the year-long process was very demanding, but I was able to complete the program as a mother of two young children. Everything I learned while enrolled in the program has made me confident enough to teach a variety of clients with varying needs. Additionally, the studio’s clients and instructors were very accommodating when it came to my observation and teaching hours. After I graduated from the program and began teaching, someone stated that they saw some of Alexandra in my teaching; in my opinion, there is no higher compliment than that. If you are contemplating teacher training in the Pilates method, just stop right here…it is the best program!


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