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About Excel NoVA

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The Excel Pilates NoVA Difference

Original Pilates Method

All Pilates is not created equal. At Excel Pilates NoVA, we are committed to the integrity and effectiveness of the original Pilates Method of Body Conditioning. Our teachers are 2nd and 3rd generation Pilates instructors that have the highest level of qualification. They can teach anyone from the professional athlete to those simply looking to build strength and flexibility.

Individualized Workout

Excel Pilates NoVA only offers one on one and small group sessions. We provide Pilates training with the client’s specific goals and abilities in mind. Instead of getting lost in the crowd, you will get a workout specifically tailored to you.

Authentic Equipment

Excel Pilates NoVA is fully equipped with Gratz equipment, the original manufacturer of Joe Pilates’s apparatus designs. If you are practicing Pilates, you should be practicing on the equipment created for it.

History of Pilates

‘You can say what Pilates is in three words - Stretch with Strength and Control. And the Control is the most important because that makes you use your mind.’ Romana Kryzanowska, Joe Pilates’s protege.

The Pilates Method was developed by Joseph H. Pilates over a lifetime of studying the human body, mind, and movement. Joe brought his exercise method to the United States from Germany in the mid 1920s, when he opened up a fitness studio in New York City. Joe originally called his method Contrology, which became affectionately known among his clients and students as Pilates. His method consists of over 500 exercises that use body resistance and spring based equipment to lengthen and strengthen the entire body. It is an adaptable workout for any fitness level.

Benefits of Pilates

  • Physical and mental control
  • Stronger core
  • Flexibility
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Aligned posture
  • Larger breath capacity
  • Grace
  • Whole body conditioning